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About world Malayalee

Health, Medical and Ayurveda Tourism to Kerala and India single window mechanism through online portal of World Malayalee Council

The International Health and Medical Forum and International Tourism Forum of WMC manages the transparent, trustworthy, reliable, efficient, and communicative portal to coordinate and Channelise the Health and Medical Tourism travel of expatriate Malayalees and also others and it is inked to this booking website and mobile app. It has offers and packages given in the bottom. Special subsidised rates and rebates will be provided for WMC members and expatriates Malayalees.

This is supervised by Dr Jimmy Lonappan Moyalan, U.K., President of the International Health and Medical Forum of World Malayalee Council and Mr Thomas Kannankeril, Germany, President, International tourism forum of WMC. The W.M.C. Global Chairman Mr Gopala Pilla, USA and Global President Mr John Mathai, Abu Dabi will provide organizational advice.